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About us
Mission Statement

The Clean Energy Research & Education Institute (CEREI) is a 501 (c)(3) scientific non-profit organization under the Internal Revenue Service regulations. CEREI is aimed to help ensure energy independence for our nation via breakthrough scientific research efforts in clean energy technologies. CEREI is also committed to providing education and training to college students to prepare them to sustain our nation's present and future energy needs, and striving for academic excellence in science and engineering.
Vision Statement

CEREI is developing a high quality and multidisciplinary research programs in clean energy technology. Scientific research efforts are being deployed to, address key challenges such as energy efficiency, durability and investigate advanced energetic materials. Our key research platform focuses on cutting-edge energy technologies ranging from, but not limited to hydrogen fuel cells and solar hydrogen energy.
Education programs

The mission of our Education Department is to prepare college students to sustain the nation’s present and future energy needs and function in technologically rich environment, strive for academic excellence in science and engineering. Our distinctive role in education is to train today’s college students to become future leaders in clean energy science, and empower them to deepen their learning, build their skills and knowledge to advance their study, and more particularly develop their problems solving skills through experimental research work. We are committed to driving academic success, personal and intellectual development, fostering diversity and establishing a friendly and engaging working/learning environment to maintain student interest.


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