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Top 10 News
  Biofuel Grasslands Better for Birds Than Ethanol Staple Corn, Researchers Find
Developing biofuel from native perennials instead of corn in the Midwest's rolling grasslands would better protect threatened bird populations, Michigan State University research suggests.
  Future of Electric Cars? Running Fuel Cells on Biodiesel
A smart diesel reformer and a tolerant fuel cell are the core components of a new type of electric power supply unit. Environmentally friendly and flexible, the unit could be a serious contender in the market for generators in electric vehicles and other applications.
  Fuel-Efficiency Formula Needs Cars Wired With Better Brainpower, Less Vroom
A University of Michigan researcher says it's possible to triple fuel economy in gasoline-powered cars by 2035, but it'll mean getting our automotive kicks from smart electronic technology and other forms of virtual performance rather than horsepower.
  200-Fold Boost in Fuel Cell Efficiency Advances 'Personalized Energy Systems'
The era of personalized energy systems -- in which individual homes and small businesses produce their own energy for heating, cooling and powering cars -- took another step toward reality today as scientists reported discovery of a powerful new catalyst that is a key element in such a system.
  New Catalyst of Platinum Nanoparticles Could Lead to Conk-out Free, Stable Fuel Cells
In the quest for efficient, cost-effective and commercially viable fuel cells, scientists at Cornell University's Energy Materials Center have discovered a catalyst and catalyst-support combination that could make fuel cells more stable, conk-out free, inexpensive and more resistant to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  Breakthrough in Thin-Film Solar Cells: New Insights Into the Indium/gallium Puzzle
Scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) in Mainz have made a major breakthrough in their search for more efficient thin-film solar cells.
  Renewables Account for 62 Percent of the New Electricity Generation Capacity Installed in the EU in 2009
The "Renewable Energy Snapshots" report, published by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, shows that renewable energy sources accounted for 62 percent of the new electricity generation capacity installed in the EU27 in 2009.
  New Process Is Promising for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars
A new process for storing and generating hydrogen to run fuel cells in cars has been invented by chemical engineers at Purdue University.
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  New Water-Splitting Catalyst: Researchers Expand List of Potential Electrode Materials That Could Be Used to Store Energy
Expanding on work published two years ago, MIT's Daniel Nocera and his associates have found yet another formulation, based on inexpensive and widely available materials, that can efficiently catalyze the splitting of water molecules using electricity.
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